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Garasi Drift Flazz & E-Money Card

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Regular price Rp 129.000,00 IDR
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Introducing E-Money & Flazz – Your Ultimate Digital Wallet!

Choose between two stellar variants – GD OG and GDRB – for your automotive stylish transaction.

**GD OG Variant:**

Timeless and sophisticated, GD OG features a sleek design with classic blues and red accents. Its seamless shape ensures comfort for your daily activity.

**GDRB Variant:**

Bold and classic, GDRB showcases a dynamic design with vibrant reds and blues. Its seamless shape ensures comfort for your daily activity.

Choose your style – GD OG for timeless elegance or GDRB for a modern, dynamic flair!

Versatility: Use it for daily purchases, bill payments, and more.

Step into the future of your daily activity – order your E-Money & Flazz card today!


Indonesia orders: 1-3 business days
Other countries: 8-15 business daysnal product informations

Garasi Drift Flazz & E-Money Card
  • Flazz / GD OG - Rp 129.000,00
  • Flazz / GDRB - Rp 129.000,00
  • Flazz / Monalisa - Rp 129.000,00
  • E-Money / GD OG - Rp 129.000,00
  • E-Money / GDRB - Rp 129.000,00
  • E-Money / Monalisa - Rp 129.000,00