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GD Rubber Keychain

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Garasi Drift Official Rubber Keychain – the perfect way to show your love for the adrenaline-pumping world of Garasi Drift! These high-quality keychains come in four electrifying varieties, each designed to capture the essence of the drift culture:

Absolute: Experience the sheer power and precision of drift racing with the Absolute keychain. Its sleek design and bold color scheme make it a must-have for any Garasi Drift enthusiast.

Varieta: Unleash your unique style with the Varieta keychain. Featuring a blend of vibrant colors and eye-catching graphics, it's a symbol of individuality and passion for Automotive.

OG Black: For those who appreciate the classic, the OG Black keychain pays homage to the origins of Garasi Drift. Its timeless design and understated elegance make it a timeless accessory.

Japanese: Dive into the heart of drift culture with the Japanese keychain. Inspired by the birthplace of drifting, it showcases iconic Japanese font and pays tribute to the roots of this exhilarating sport.

Material : Rubber
Size :
Varieta : 7cm x 5cm
Absolute : 7cm x 3cm
OG Black : 6cm x 5cm
Japanese : 9cm x 1.5cm


Indonesia orders: 1-3 business days
Other countries: 8-15 business daysnal product informations

GD Rubber Keychain
  • OG Black - Rp 35.000,00
  • Varieta - Rp 35.000,00
  • Absolute - Sold out - Rp 35.000,00
  • Japanese - Sold out - Rp 35.000,00